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Baby Ganesha

Baby Ganesha Born Box

Baby Ganesha Born Box

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The Baby Ganesha Born Box is the perfect way to start your baby's journey in Hindu traditions. It includes everything you need in ritual items, to ensure your child's spiritual and physical well-being. Start your baby's lifelong connection to Hindu traditions today!

Hindu Traditions made easy with Baby Ganesha Born Box 

What's in the box?

1 - Bhindi Black Dot - 100% Natural made from White Rice only. Home Made

2- Kajal - 100% Organic made from organic butter only. Home Made

3- Sambrani - 100% Natural Benzoin resin Made in India

4- Camphor - 100% Pure and refined Camphor Made in India

5- Sweet oil - All Natural 

6- Almond Oil - 100% Organic

7- Coconut Oil - 100% Organic

8- Protective Knife with Safety Pin 

9 - Black Bead Bangles

10- Rose Water - All Natural 

11- Ganesha Statue

12- Yatra Incense Sticks - All Natural Incense sticks

13- Sea Salt - 100% Organic

14- Camphorated Oil - All Natural

Baby Ganesha Born box is ideal for expectant parents filled with all the products you will need for traditional Hindu rituals once your baby has arrived. All products are made from 100% natural ingredients and is safe for baby to use. 

Caution when using Sambrani, Camphor and Incense products around baby.


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